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What is Feeling? What is Emotion?

What is feeling? What is the definition of it?

Emotion? When human beings will get emotional?

Typical of mine experience. I felt very lost when the moment that i lost of tooth. I getting very sad of it. But no worries, i am now used to it. But i know there is more to come.

On the night that i removed my tooth, i have fever at night before i slept. I felt so sad because no people actually bother about how i feel. I can tell, that i am really sad. I can't eat properly and i have no appetite on everything.

I care too much or i would say is busybody. With the result, i just making my life miserable. I just want to get too detailed on everything. I cannot loose this cannot loose that. How wish i have a person beside me that really can tell me and care for me.

Emotional is actually a very bad thing. It can leads to many mistake and problems. I always tell myself to that i MUST control my emotion. I can't hurt anyone because of this. In return, don't do that to me as well ok!

Need to prepare for Examination! :P