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The new MacBook Pro 2011 series

The new 2011 Apple MacBook Pro launched on Feb 24. Apple overhauled its MacBook Pro offerings with new processors, new graphics, and a new peripheral connector. Most importantly, the price of MBP is reduced around the globe.

You can now order yours at Apple Store online.


13-inch MacBook Pro

13-inch MBP 2011.jpg

15-inch MacBook Pro

15-inch MBP 2011.jpg

17-inch MacBook Pro

17-inch MBP 2011.jpg

Janet Hsieh GQ's Cover Girls for February 2011 in Taiwan

GQ cover 2月號: Janet開開心心追求不完美人生


New MacBook Pro 2011 Ships In 15 days From Now!

It is time for a new MacBook Pro in 2011…

2011 MacBook Pro

After close to one year since its last update, the new MacBook Pro 2011 model will finally ship within half a month, reports AppleInsider and their sources. This backs up claims by a Danish website last week suggesting that the MacBook Pro 2011 model was delayed until March due to Intel's Sandy Bridge slip up.

In addition to the new Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors, it is rumoured to borrow a couple of enhancements from the current MacBook Air which is a hot seller. This includes faster solid-state drives (SSDs), sleeker design cues and improved standby and wake up modes.

Source: Gizmocrunch

Tokyo Disneyland at Maihama, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Disney Land is a fun place and great for families! You can access to JR Maihama train station (South Exit) from Tokyo Station JR Keiyo line or JR Musashino Line.

Tokyo Disneyland Mickey Mouse Passport

You have option to visit Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea, or both with 1-day or several days passport. I have opted for the 1-Day Passport to the Disneyland. However, there are folks that join us with the Night Passport that cost ¥4,700 instead of ¥5,700. Anyway, feel free to check out the options of Park Tickets that suits you best before you buy the tickets.

Refer to:- Tokyo Disney Resort: Park Tickets

Tokyo Disney Resort

Inside the Tokyo Disneyland, you will find many unique dining with Disney Iconic Characters, a variety of souvenir shops. If your budget allows for accommodation, you can enjoy your stay at Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels. Moreover, you can also ride on the dream-filled Monorail (¥250) circling the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Tokyo Disneyland ToonTown

Technically, once you have entered the Disney Theme Park. You will feel you have entered the Disney’s World that similar to your childhood memories together with Mickey Mouse & friends. Naturally, you will turn to be kids again.


In Disneyland, you have many rides awaiting you including roller-coasters. In the main, the Disneyland is sub-divided into ‘World Bazaar’, ‘Tomorrowland’, ‘ToonTown’, ‘FantasyLand’, ‘Adventureland’, ‘Westernland’ and ‘Critter Country’. Each section is having its own theme and entertainment.


Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse House


Seven Dwarfs

However, the queues are usually long for most of the rides.  Mainly, you must visit the Mickey’s house and meet Mickey. His neighbourhood is surrounded by Minnie’s house and Goofy’s house at ToonTown.









Night at World Bazaar

Disney Resort Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights 

Before I go, I enjoyed the spectacular night time parade with all the Disney characters and music. Last of all, you can pick up a splendid selection of merchandise at ‘Bon Voyage’ before you heading back to Tokyo thru JR Maihama. Next time, I will be back to Tokyo for the DisneySea Park. So, I got to work harder from now…

Note: You can feedback to me if you need any travel guide to Tokyo, Japan.