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Meighan Nealon joined Janet Hsieh for Fun Taiwan, Discovery Travel & Living

Ok! Don't ask me why... I knew that I have been writing a lot about Janet lately.

Somehow, I have neglected my blog space due to my huge workload. However, I will keep you posted with more interesting article on Motoring and Leisure Lifestyle.

Share with you on one of the episode of the recent Fun Taiwan hosted by Janet Hsieh.


Meighan Nealon is a singer that born in Toronto, Canada. She was originally a dancer on the acclaimed Much Music Television show Electric Circus. Currently based in Taipei and constantly moving between Toronto, Taipei and London UK.


Early this year, she joined Janet as Guest Host for one episode of Fun Taiwan.


There is 8 parts of this episode of Fun Taiwan with Meighan.

OK, 5 4 3 2 1... Fun Taiwan Time :)