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EXCLUSIVE ZEUS Aero Parts for Honda Freed - Premium Multi-Purpose Van (MPV)

View my new post on the launch of Honda Freed in Malaysia by clicking "Honda Freed launched in Malaysia on 22 April 2010"

In conjunction of Honda Malaysia launching the so-called Premium MPV known as Honda Freed that assembled from Indonesia.

Recently, I am exploring the available aerokits from the Japanese Domestic Model Aerokits for Honda Freed. From my previous posts, I have added Mugen's Aerokit and some photos of Freed from Singapore. Click here to check out the trail of my posts.

This time around, I found another one which looks much more awesome with a little VIP feel on it. That's the new design from EXCLUSIVE ZEUS which originate from Osaka by M'z SPEED.

Exclusive Zeus - Freed 1.jpg

Exclusive Zeus - Freed 2.jpg

Exclusive Zeus - Freed 3.jpg