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Mazda Furai Concept to be Unveiled as Early as 2011 to replace RX-7 ?


Don't ask me why the Japanese Mazda Furai Concept fitted with Korean Kumho tyres.

In the other hand, a proper two-door coupe replacement for the much-missed Mazda RX-7 could make its appearance as early as 2011 as a 2012 model, according to a report from Edmund's Inside Line. The news site says the introduction of the two-seat RX-7 will lead to the death of the four-seat RX-8 with its 'suicide-style' rear doors since it wouldn't make much sense for Mazda to have RX-8 and MX5 Miata in its lineup.

Officially, the only piece of information that Mazda has released about its next generation RX model is the development of a new 1.6-liter (800cc per rotor) rotary engine called the 16X Renesis. Rumor has it that the new engine can produce up to 350hp.

However, the japanese automaker's is considering whether to develope a less powerful two-seater with not so many fancy features with intention to lower down the price tag. A less powerful but better priced RX-7 doesn't sound a bad idea at all since the Toyota FT-86 will be in the segment of playground.