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Taiwan plans junk food tax and could take effect by 2011

I know I will be definitely out of topic in my blog. Anyway, I will still continue this post as I find it really interesting and good for health! This is so-called FATS TAX...




Taiwan government is planning the world's first tax on junk food in a bid to encourage the public to eat healthily and cut obesity.

The Bureau of Health Promotion is drafting a bill to levy the special tax on food deemed unhealthy, such as sugary drinks, candy, cakes, fast food and alcohol, the Apple Daily said.

Revenue from the tax would finance groups promoting health awareness or subsidise the island's cash-strapped national health insurance program, the report said.

The bill is expected to be submitted to the parliament for approval next year and could take effect by 2011, it said, citing the bureau's director Chiou Shu-ti.

Taiwan would be the first government in the world to impose a junk food tax if the bill is passed, according to local health advocacy group John Tung Foundation.

"Overweight problems are getting worse in Taiwan with 25 to 30 per cent of children obese, and it will cause more strain on our national health system," said Beryl Sheu, chief of the foundation's food nutrition division. She added, "Hopefully the tax will dissuade people from eating junk food and snacks and prompt food companies to make healthier products."

Source: AFP