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Cruise control on Ford Explorer almost killed a Young Victorian Motorist

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Today, a terrified 22-year-old driver thought he was going to die when a jammed cruise control trapped him in his four-wheel drive for half an hour as it raced along the Eastern Freeway, Victoria.


In a scene reminiscent of thriller blockbuster Speed, the Ford Explorer’s cruise control got stuck as he attempted to take the Burke Road exit in Melbourne’s north-east about 12.40pm (GMT+10).

He called up Ford service to do a live troubleshooting but failed. He ended calling 000 emergency for help. The police sergeant helped calm the scared motorist while attempt to assist the motorist to stop the vehicle via phone.

Police arrived quickly, with two cars under sirens and lights driving ahead of the tearaway four-wheel-drive to clear traffic.

The driver put his full weight on the footbrake, swerved on the wrong side of the road to avoid running into the back of everyone including other police cars.

Lastly, the driver pulled on the handbrake, bringing the car to a halt outside the Monash University Peninsula campus which just half a metre away from a head-on collision.

Police have taken the Ford for inspection while the young driver sent to Frankston Hospital which suffered some whiplash, and shock after this incident.

Ford Australia public relations manager Sinead McAlary said Ford had not experienced anything like this before. She added that, "We will be making contact with the driver as soon as possible to learn more about what took place and then get access to his vehicle to investigate the matter further"

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