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NEW 2009 Toyota Wish in Japan Domestic Market


In Japan, the Wish receives Toyota’s new Valvematic engines. Valvematic is a continuously variable valve timing and valve lift mechanism, while VVT-i which affects timing. All engines are mated to the Super CVT-i transmission.

In terms of Fuel consumption, this car have improved and exceeds Japanese 2010 standards by 20% for the 1.8L model, and 15% for the 2.0L model. The 2.0L unit gets average of 15.2km/l, and the 1.8L model gets 16.0km/l.

The steering wheel is both tilt and reach adjustable with Electronic Power Steering (EPS). The maximum luggage capacity has had its width increased by 95mm. The slimmer seatbacks for the seats increase legroom for the back passenger. The seat covers have been treated with an anti-mite agent and the climate control system come with Plasmacluster air-purifier.

2009 Toyota Wish Specification Overview:

Overall length: 4,590 mm
Width: 1,745 mm (2.0Z) /  1,720mm(1.8S) / 1,720 mm (1.8S) / 1,695mm(2.0G,1.8X)
Height: 1,600 mm (4WD, 2.0Z) / 1,590 mm (2WD)


Seating Capacity: 6 - 7 Seaters

Engine Model & Displacement:
- 3ZR-FAE (2.0 Litre - 1,986cc)
- 2ZR-FAE (1.8 Litre - 1,797cc)

- 7 Speed Super CVT-i with Paddle Shift


Maximum Output:
- 116kW [158PS] / 6,200rpm (3ZR-FAE)
- 106kW [144PS] / 6,400rpm (2ZR-FAE 2WD)
- 98kW [133PS] / 6,400rpm (2ZR-FAE 4WD)

Maximum Torque:
- 196Nm / 4,400rpm (3ZR-FAE)
- 176Nm / 4,400rpm (2ZR-FAE 2WD)
- 165Nm / 4,400rpm (2ZR-FAE 4WD)

- Range from ¥ 1,840,000 (excluding tax ¥ 1,752,381) ~ ¥2,480,000 (¥ 2,361,905 excluding tax), which equivalent to RM 70,151.63 to RM 94,552.18 in Malaysia as per today forex rate. Probably you need to multiply by 2 as indication due to Government Tax in Malaysia, AP and Dealer Handling.

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