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Maths of Life and Human Politics


What happen if one day, 1 + 1 != 2 ? What you will think?
*** "!= means NOT EQUAL"

In the World of Maths, 1 + 1 = 2. But in my world of reality, it doesn’t equal to 2 at most of the time. In fact, it equals to 3 or 4 or worst is infinity value. It won't be fair and correct, Always...

Isn't life is full of pain and sadness??? Is like, you 100% sure that you are right but you are always wrong... Pain isn't?

I do not believe in Politicals stuffs when i was young. But now, i know what is politics and a real-human politics. Politics will bring to unfairness and bias. Can even make things turn to be upside down. Is Horrorable. Kick out the Nepotism and Domination!

I always attempt to enjoy and cherish. I wish that i will build a better day for me and my surroundings. Yes I believe and it will.

Move On & Cheers Mate! ET