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Malaysia: Cash rebates for vehicles under 2,000cc end next month

The cash rebate system for vehicles under 2,000cc, which was implemented in June last year, will end on 31st March 2009. Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad confirmed. He added that the government will not be using this method of subsidising again, because he mentioned that Malaysians prefer subsidised pump prices instead.

BN Government planned to set the value of RON95 petrol at RM1.70 and replaced the RON92 when it is introduced in the middle of this year. However, the pricing for RON 97 is still undecided yet but the price will not be floated in July 2009 but speculated to be priced higher to make way for RON 95.

IMHO: Since no introduction of Cash Rebate System anymore. I don't see any reason to price RON95 at RM1.70 or RON97 at RM1.70. Because it is priced far higher than global oil price. Don't mentioned about subsidising, it is likely another way round.