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First View: All-New 2009 Honda City in Malaysia

The all-new 2009 Honda City is officially launched on 18 December 2008 and will be available at showroom at all nationwide. As usual happened to all entry model cars by the most popular car manufacturers, Honda had fulfilled their order for January and February by the early bird City owner. If you plan to order now, you probably get it on the March 2009.

Without covering the review about the engine, drive train, and technology for this round. I will focus on the first sight and look on the entire car design and styling on the all-new City before moving to the detail of it. Therefore, I call this as First View of All-New 2009 Honda City in Malaysia.

On the next round, I will be cover the First Drive, technology & performance of this tiny City. I will expect this vehicle will be fun driving machine in the city. However, we will see on my upcoming First Drive on Honda City 2009.

First sight of the All-New City...


Futuristic Look, look similar to Euro Civic Styling.


Awesome designed Headlamp with huge front grill.


The rear of the car looks much better than the 'froggy' styled city on the previous model. Further, do you realise that the "C" Pillar is similar to FD Civic (but in smaller size....)?


Although the dashboard materials is plasticky and the dashboard are properly designed rather than the previous model.


The In-Car Audio system come with 4 speakers for Grade S (or 6 speakers for Grade E), USB ports & AUX Terminal. Of course, it supports MP3 and WMA formats.


Pretty standard design on the console meter on dash. Nothing impressive and outstand, two words - Sweet Simple


Well, the auto gear-stick is weird and the whole is simple. Reminds me the EG, EK Civic's.


Glove box compartment is smaller compare to the previous model. Trust me, sometimes you really don't need that much of space. Because too many "rubbish" keep in the glovebox, will causes a lot of rattling sound which you may think is due to the assembling issue during the car is assembled.


Usual City Style designed, 90 degree door angle for easy access by the passengers and ease on transporting goods. But please please be extra careful by not knocking people's car door at the Car Park when opening the door!


As usual, all new model will be upsizing their wheels by 1 inch. Hence, the Grade S is fitted with 15 inch wheels and Grade E is fitted with 16 inch wheels. Don't be confuse by the Grading, Grade E doesn't mean "Economy" like Toyota. Maybe it mean "Exclusive" in Honda's Thesaurus. For Grade S, it will be "Standard" and not "Sporty".

**This featured photo is a Grade S model.

From this angle view, the rear of the car looks similar to Euro-Continental car designed back in 90's. But it is something different for the Japanese this time.


The door handle is also similar to the current Euro Civic (FN-series).


The all-new 2009 Honda City go On-The-Road for RM84,980 on the Grade S and RM89,980 on the Grade E (inclusive of On Road Costs and Insurance). Standard come with 3 years warranty or 100,000km and 6 months free service or 10,000km.

Besides, Honda do also offers Modulo styling for the all-new City which including Front Under Spoiler, Side Under Spoiler, Rear Under Spoiler and Trunk Spoiler with extra of RM4,750.00. You may find the photo of Honda City with Modulo Bodykit here in my previous post.

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