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A reality wake-up call for generation Y

The children of the economic boom - generation Y (born between 1976-1995), are about to get a reality wake-up call. This economic downturn will prove a turning point for those now aged between 15 and 30 as fewer job options in a contracting economy force them to make compromises for the first time since they were born.


The younger people accustomed to job jumping will find it harder to secure a position as vacancies start to dry up at this economic climate.

The generation Y is the most educated in history. As they are articulate, confident, well-travelled, and knowledgeable. They are incredibly plugged in, good with relationships and identifying opportunities.

However, the real question at this wake-up call will be, will they able to adapt to jobs and tasks that they don't really enjoy. Will they just grin and bear it, or will they maintain their flighty ways?

Generation Y has never known a high degree of uncertainty like this before. Probably, at point of time is the time for generation Y to learn something that never experienced before!