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SEMA: Civic HFP (Honda Factory Performance) Concept Sedan

At the SEMA show Honda revealed the Civic HFP (Honda Factory Performance) Concept sedan that secures improved fuel economy without compromising the vehicle's performance or styling. It's based on the Civic Si with the powerful high-revving i-VTEC engine but has aerodynamic elements from the Honda Civic Hybrid in order to improve fuel efficiency.



Honda claims that this is done through aerodynamic improvements to the next generation HFP body kit, the addition of super-light alloy wheels with aerodynamic covers, a lighter HFP exhaust system and an upgraded HFP suspension kit, all of which offer the possibility of improving both fuel economy and performance.

According to Honda, this Civic HFP (Honda Factory Performance) Concept sedan having the similar package has been used on the Civic Type R FD2 track car, which campaigned in a Japanese series called the Super Taikyu (スーパー耐久 Suupaa Taikyu, translated as Super Endurance).