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Man... what are you or I thinking of?

I do not know where to start for this posting...

Quick Update About Myself

Lately, I begin to feel the same like last time and my health is yet to recover from my bad Gastric and digestion problem.

Mmm... is late at night now... What are you doing there? Are you asleep? Or... hanging around at home?

Should I be happy for long public holiday? I was told I should be happy to enjoy the holiday. But i forsee is gonna be so boring... Flat Bored instead! Must plan ahead next time... Perhaps, this is good time to catch-up a little.

Raya Holiday is coming... Everyone will be planning for this long weekend holiday for non-islam and of course, Muslim will celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri and balik kampung. Traffic around the major freeway will be massive. Anyway, wish everyone to have a pleasant holiday and drive safe during this great time! Cheers!

I will take this time and plan to enhance this blog, bring more best big boy toys review and experience! Stay tuned mate. :P