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Lotus Helps Development of Honda Civic Hybrid Race Car


You might never thought you will be seeing a Honda Civic IMA Hybrid in the air like the one in featured in the picture above in Motorsport Industry.

Of course, this isn’t your ordinary hybrid but a race prepped version of the eco-friendly Civic created by
Oaktec. The Lancashire based company has been developing the Honda Hybrid system for motorsport since 2004. Oaktec took part in several rallies around the UK winning the F1000 Class A Championship in 2006 with a Honda Insight. Now Oaktec has joined forces with Lotus to develop the performance of a Civic Hybrid for rallying and circuit racing.

Though no details on the car’s specifications have been revealed yet, Phil Barker, Chief Engineer of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies at Lotus said that the British automaker will work with Oaktec to create a revised electrical specification for more power and a control system that will allow a more aggressive regenerative braking strategy.