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More seats won by MCA will only result in worsening Umno political hegemony

When MCA should be most influential and powerful after the 1999 general election when Chinese voters saved Umno and Barisan Nasional to ensure their getting two-thirds parliamentary majority, MCA was weakest in allowing the rise of Umno political hegemony

New Straits Times has turned into a MCA and Barisan Nasional (BN) propaganda broadsheet today with the front-page headline: “Chinese voters have a simple choice: a bigger say in parliament and government, or a louder voice in parliament without real influence…”

Quoting the MCA strategist, Datuk Wong Mook Leong,said “the reality was that whenever the DAP did better than MCA, it was a major setback for the community”.

Wong said: “In 1986, DAP won 24 seats while MCA got 18. In 1990, DAP continued to lead MCA by two parliamentary seats.
“DAP claims that in those two terms, it was a major step for democracy. But the truth is, it was two terms of major setbacks for the Chinese community.”

This is a very dishonest distortion of Malaysian political history.

There is a long list to illustrate the rise of Umno political hegemony in the past nine years, but I need only mention the following few:

• The “929 Declaration Malaysia as an Islamic state on Sept. 29, 2001;

• The Umno Youth threat to burn down the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall over the Suqiu controversy;

• The extension of the New Economic Policy from a 20-year span to 50 years and beyond;

• Umno Youth Hishammuddin Hussein’s wielding of the Malay keris at the Umno Youth assembly;

• The rejection of the Bangsa Malaysia objective of Vision 2020 by powerful circles and forces in Umno;

• The humiliation suffered by non-Umno Ministers who had submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister in 2006 about freedom of religion over the Moorthy snatch-body case, coupled with rapid increases of religious polarization over body-snatching, banning of Christian Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia using “Allah”, restriction of freedom of religion of non-Muslim communities like the Kudat Mazu controversy;

• Blatant abuse of NEP to spawn even worse corruption, cronyism and nepotism (CCN) in the Abdullah administration as compared to the Mahathir premiership, with the bumiputras being used to serve the interests of Umnoputras; and

• The Hindraf phenomenon of nation-wide Indian protest at their long-standing marginalization.

Wong Mook Leong is wrong. The more seats the MCA wins, the greater the trend towards Umno political hegemony. This is why in the 12th general election, a vote for the BN is a vote for Umno political hegemony, and why all Malaysians regardless of race or religion should unite to smash Umno political hegemony, which is completely different from Umno dominance in BN and can be a Frankestein in the Malaysian political landscape.

The above is a summary of Cut and Paste... In Full, Refer to Source from: http://blog.limkitsiang.com/2008/03/05/more-seats-won-by-mca-will-only-result-in-worsening-umno-political-hegemony/