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The Fact of Life: 3M or MMM

From my experience and many exploration, i realised of MMM - Money Motivates Man. And money can buy plenty of power and sex.

This is what happening in the community everyday - (e.g. robbery, commercial crime, smuggling, murder, piracy issue and etc). From Top Down approach, you will be seeing or reading or experiencing MMM happening every moment when you flipping the newspapers, in a work environment, in parliament or may be at home place as well.

From statistical crime rates analysis, crime rates hardly reduce since the law enforcement applied at the very beginning. Man always been with MMM, they will never practice whatever they learn from their religion and their mistakes!

Typical example, the Malays masquerading as Muslims practice on whatever and not what Islam teaches them ; the Chineses masquerading as Buddhist or Christian practice on whatever and not what their god teaches them. As usual, you will be seeing the people challenge another one to swearing on the Bible to proof that they are innocent even though they are very obvious guilty. 

Why they want to make use of religion? Why make use of bible? That is not what the religion teaches. That is People, human that causes all this. It is a people invention just like how people invent many other things about religion that are not true and totally false. One reason, they just want money and can be wild enough to have such many wild ideas. They want to make more easy money by using religion as a stone stepper. A proper religion only teaches people to do right things and not doing 'improper' things for own benefits.

In fact, i agreed that Money Motivates Man is not a wrong thing and it is a fact of life. Man needs to be motivated to work hard to bring up a family and build their career path. But don't go out of bound and stay on the track. If the money that you make are thru dirty tactics, the money goes to charity and the people will not be happy to take your money as well. Because till the end, people will not forgive on whatever you have done to achieve your wild ideas.