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Democracy, the Malaysian Style...

Democracy, the Malaysian Style... Sounds Familiar?? This is what people say in overseas when talking about our home country - Malaysia.

Since GE2008 will be held on 08/03/2008. My responsibility as a Malaysian, I would like to share out my opinion that i have strongly disagree and unhappy with the Pak Lah Government since 2004. And of course, have to also express my satisfaction (but can't think of any at this point of time).

1st: Can someone explain who allows Khairy to talk? Who is he? He talk a lot, macam gangster la...

2nd: Why Rafidah can't explain the whole picture of AP? Instead of pretending this and that... And i think all Malaysian forget about this issue? AP shouldn't be exist in the Auto Cars Industry... We should have our rights. Not issue AP for AP holder to import cars to rip off our money.

3rd: Why Samy Vellu still in Parliament Seat? I think he required protection from Police since he got so many enemy out there... But who pay the police? Who the police should take care of? By the way, we don't need Toll. Thks

4th: Why Lim Kit Siang need to retire? Should those MCA MP advice the orang tua to retire since he is elder than YB Lim? I think orang tua also need to rest, since he slept before in Parliament.

5th: Justice in Malaysia can be Purchase by Money? Mr.Lingam? Can explain a bit? I know it looks like you, sounds like you. But you telling us that it does not mean it is you?

6th: Can En.Najib explain abit on your relation with Altantuya? Why you got a picture taken together with Mr.Baginda? Any deals? Share Share la.. Don't la keep it with yourself. Tak kan, you want to use Lingam's method?

7th: Scandals by our former Malaysia's Health Minister, Mr Chua. I understand is not a good public image for a minister to have a sex scandal with his "personal friend". But, can the government find out who is the person who did the shooting and redistribute it? This case seems like is Caused by a Person Behind. You must know who did all this behind, why you hide it and leave this case aside? You think we have forget about this again? You must get the answer for us! Capture the person who is the director and film investor! Don't just ask people to resign. Understand? Get me the answer

8th: ............ Is late, let me continue list it at tomorrow. Please feedback and add on. I think if i continue writing, i can't stop myself. I might just migrate to Australia and forget about Malaysia. For Malaysia, I care so i must share with you guys!

50 Years is enough... Enough Means Enough... Umno Putera really need a lesson this time. Don't say anything about Bumiputera Rights or whatever... You guys just marginalised people. No only to certain race, you include you own race to be marginalised.

If BN win again by more than 2/3, then sure BIG, BARANG NAIK in 4 - 5 years to come, as BN can do things at free will. So, think.. JUST CHANGE IT! Vote the Opposition! Say TAK NAK BN (BARISAN NASIONAL) Nanti BARANG NAIK...