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What can i do???

What can i do???


(i) What can i do, when i going to Singapore alone?

(ii) What can i do, when i found a Golf GTI for RM170k with 1 year remaining warranty.

(iii) What can i do, when i am offered with a new Golf GTI for RM188k with 2 years unlimited warranty and maintenance?

(iv) What can i do, if i want to push further steps for BuyDefender.com and IPTelnow.com?

(v) What can i do, if people just don't bother about you and you care about so much?

(vi) What can i do, ....................... i don't know...

Yes, the answer is: Find the right opportunity and more money... Do the right thing! Always recharge yourself! You will find all answer right after.. Edvin Teo.. Wake up! You must know what to do...

I always care bout u.. love u always
Comment By your precious biscuit At 2/28/2008 11:15 PM
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