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Nissan Silvia S15 Hunt Down! No Near New Condition, No Buy!

After been hunting for JDM cars for 2 years.. almost 3 years (ever since year 2005). I think Toyota Caldina is a great car and easy to source of parts. I also think Nissan Silvia is a good car to be driven. Found one in KL for RM135k for Year 2002 Spec R.

But i think is better to hunt for more units to inspect before any decision made on either one of those beauty.

If anyone looking for a Toyota Caldina GT-Four N Spec... Email me, i will share with you which dealer having a nice color and nice car with nice spec... after i spent my time on the hunt.

If any one come across any S15 (Preferred Year 2002) with perfect condition (incl interior and exterior plus technically). Pls pls pls let me know, i will definitely treat you with a nice meal (Maybe a Carl Jr Combo Meal). :)