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Me and my tooth
I have removed one of my teeth today at a dental clinic near my office. Initially, i wanted to check on one of my tooth which the surface is not smooth. But the dentist mention that the tooth is blocking the gum as well as the root of the tooth is exposed. Hence, this tooth must be remove.

In less than 2 mins, the dentist removed the tooth and found tooth decay on it as well. Now, my teeth are missing with one tooth. The feeling of missing a tooth that has been with me for 20 over years is bad. I miss it badly.

I learn a few things after the removal.
  • No matter how good you are, how clever you are, how strong you are. One fine day, your tooth also decays and need to remove. Why need to be so stubborn?
  • Even though without one tooth, I might not look complete. But I must be strong to move further. The path of my lifetime is not easy; I will take this as a lesson. Be a stronger person, walk it through myself.
  • What else?? May be without one tooth, i might draw little attention. :P Then, i can have little more topic with you.
But I regret, how wish if I doesn't need to remove the tooth and healthy. Then I will be living a happy complete life.