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Apple Peel 520 turns Apple iPod Touch to iPhone


Users of Apple iPod Touch could get GSM Cellular features on their existing media player. Absolutely no problem at all, you can add a SIM card and start calling or texting with iPod Touch. Fair enough, you don’t have to queue to buy iPhone when is initially launch by Telco. Just go to your local Apple stores or resellers to buy an Apple iPod Touch and buy one of those China-made 'Apple Peel' turns iPod Touch into a phone.

Chinese firm Yosion Technology, which is based in Shenzhen, has developed the Apple Peel 520 protective case, which will be available online for about $57 with a one-year warranty.

According to a review in Chinese on PConline, the accessory fixes onto the iPod Touch and comes with a dock connector, a built-in 800mAh battery (rated for 4.5 hours of talk time and five days on standby) and a SIM card slot. This Apple Peel 520 will only work with a jailbroken iPod Touch as the Yosion and YsSMS apps have to be installed for calling and messaging, and these will be able to run in the background. The Peel 520 will initially launch with a silicone rubber case, but a plastic version can be expected in the future.

On the negative aspect, there's no auto screen lock when the handset is next to the ear and no caller name/number display due to no Proximity sensor affixed.

During the hands-on test of the prototype, Bluetooth and hands-free calling weren't available. But these will supported on the retail version of the Peel 520. According to initial tests by the reviewer, there is no reported of any dropped calls, although there was noticeable lag before the iPod Touch registered an incoming call.

No Telco Contract, lower unit price and no queue… Now is your choice now. What you think?