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Janet Hsieh in support of NCF2010, only $1 per day and you can make a difference!

During the period of my absent in August, I had missed out so many videos and updates on what Janet is up to... Probably that time, I am busy taking photos at Chatuchak Weekend Market or maybe enjoying my oysters in Tasmania or possibly doing some shopping at Melbourne Central.

Looking back... in July itself, Janet joined so many charity activities. God, I wish I am as energetic...


Amazingly, she is doing some charity work for NCF2010 in Taiwan and raising funds for those children having cleft lip.

Imagine the impact of just $1... Only $1 (TWD) per day and you can make a difference for the kids. I recommend one and all here to do some charity work for the unfortunate kids or elderly too (via right channel locally). I bet you will feel the world just differently. Just like one of my friend that he did charity car wash and fund raising campaign for his pledge.

Anyway.... check out the video taken during the ad shooting in Cambodia and the official ads after the jump.


2010國際園丁-Janet代言公益廣告-30秒篇 (30 Seconds)

2010國際園丁-Janet代言公益廣告-一分鐘篇 (1 Minute)

Janet國際園丁公益廣告拍攝花絮 (Cambodia Trip)