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TEDxTaipei - David Tao Talk and Inteview

David Tao is one of the most famous singers/songwriters in the "Mandopop" industry. He is best known for creating a unique mixture of a cappella, folk, R&B, rock and Chinese opera. Tao's works not only revolve around traditional themes of love but also deal with social and cultural issues. He has been called "the Godfather of Mandopop." With the release of his sixth album, "Zero To Hero," in 2009, Tao is now shifting his career focus from music to film so that he can pursue his other lifelong dream and passion.

Watch the video below and let David explain and guide you to "Unlearn to Learn"

TEDxTaipei offSTAGE Interviews: David Tao (陶喆) [Chinese/中文]

TEDxTaipei offSTAGE Interviews: David Tao (陶喆)