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Subway Malaysia - 'Sub of the Day' Menu at RM 7.50 (6-inch)

I am one of the Subway lovers since my uni-days in Melbourne. I like the Subway sandwich with lots of lettuce, cheese, and ham or bacon with salt and pepper.

In Malaysia, Subway is introduced about 3 years ago. Although the Subway here doesn't taste as good plus the price is a bit at the high-side. But it still worth a try with their 'Sub of the Day' value meal.

Here goes the 'Sub of The Day' Menu. Plan your Subway meal and get the best value for your crave.


UPDATE-06 Dec 2011: Click here for 'Sub of the Day 2011' menu - http://edvinteo.com/pt/blog/default.aspx?id=848&t=Subway-Sub-Of-The-Day-New-Menu-for-2011