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Do you think is making sense to operate an Online Biscuit Store?

I am thinking what is the best thing and the most trendy activity in the world of internet...

As part of Research Programme which nobody believes here - I'll skip that. One of the chapters is to explore the opportunity of e-commerce in Malaysia market. It could be a online shopping cart that sell anything.

Pop out from my head. How about an online Biscuit Store? I can try to bake biscuit, I can pack biscuit and deliver biscuit. Theoretically, a successful trader can virtually trade anything which possibly the hardest things to trade on earth.


In this thesis report, I would possibly say that as long the biscuit is uniquely tasty and outstanding with quality. There will be definite market for it. But if you were selling conventional packed biscuits and trying to sell online, likely you will be having trouble to market it. So what you think?