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Volvo S60 Crashes During Safety Demonstration on Effectiveness of a New Collision Warning System for Media

Volvo S60 Crash


Volvo supposed to demonstrate the effectiveness of a new collision warning system with the Volvo S60. However, the car failed to perform and crashed. After this incident, I don’t think the brand of Volvo will be able to remain to be synonymous with safety.


According to a Wired.com report and video, Volvo held a media demonstration of their new collision system warning in Sweden.


A new Volvo S60 was "fired out of Volvo's testing tunnel at around 30mph (48km/h)," the Wired report said.


The new collision warning system then kicked in, bringing the car to a stop before a truck parked in its path.


That was what should have happened.


Instead, the car smashed into the back of the truck right in front of global media.


Volvo said there was a human error in the preparation of the crash, the report stated.


Said the report: "Volvo later claimed...that had a human been driving, he or she would have noticed the system was not operating correctly. The technical reason for the fail concerned a problem with the car's battery."


Moreover, the report added that the collision warning system was seen working perfectly in the day. So, do you think is reliable after all?