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A US car dealer is offering a mini Ferrari F40 for USD25k

A US car dealer is selling a driveable scale model of the classic Italian supercar - Ferrari F40 for USD 25,000.


The car is believed to be one of a kind, built specially for the opening of the first Ferrari dealership in Moscow.

Compared to the original 1987 F40, which was, for a time, the fastest road car in the world, the miniature copy is modestly powered. It has an 80cc Honda motorcycle engine, while the original F40 had a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V8 capable of producing 352kW of power.

The two-seater was developed by the same company that built wind tunnel models for Ferrariā€™s formula one team in Maranello and the dealer claims it is correctly proportioned and true-to-scale.

Source: TheAge