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National Builder Group ; No Care No Value No Professionalism

Is a SHAME for National Builder Group whenever I listen to the radio ads at MIX1011 that they mentioning "National Builder Group, More Homes, More Value, More Care".


I requested for withdrawal on the proposed home building with National Builder Group and request for refund of deposit. Their sales representative started to be rudely corresponded and not helpful at all. I request to them to itemise the expenses to be deducted from my deposit, but they are not willing to.


I am seriously glad that I did not sign up with them or else it will be a project trap working with them. Perhaps a havoc experience?


Anyway, I will not spend too much time on this. But I just hope they will improve their service level in near future. Be a true professional sales person, this is not the way. Be gentlemen and professional at all time. May be he did not go to school? Never mind... let him be. just return my balance.




Some part of the e-mail correspondence.




Hi Edvin,


We are unable to direct deposit into your bank account. We also won’t provide you a break down of costs. There is a set amount refunded & that’s what you will get. As the deposit amount has changed from $500 to $1000, I’m not even sure what the correct amount is myself. I do know with a $1,000 deposit you only get back $150. I’ll speak to head office & get back to you.


We will not be direct deposit into a foreign bank account, so stop asking.


Regards Tony Camera

National Builders Group

0449 257 245



From: Edvin Teo [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Tuesday, 6 May 2008 9:16 PM

To: Tony

Subject: Re: RE:


Hi Tony,


It will be good if your side be able to list down the break down on the deposit LESS the expenses. For the balance, please deposit the money into my bank account.


Since i am not in Australia personally, i need the favour from you on that. Is that possible?


With Regards,