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Honda Freed is coming to Malaysia very soon from Indonesia and launching in Thailand this month!

View my new post on the launch of Honda Freed in Malaysia by clicking "Honda Freed launched in Malaysia on 22 April 2010"

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Back in 2008, the Honda Freed was unveiled in Tokyo. The Freed is compact minivan, based on the new 2009 Honda Jazz. While the Freed retains the same width as the Jazz/Fit at 1,695 mm, it’s longer (4,215 mm vs 3,900 mm), higher (1,715 mm vs 1,525 mm) and it also features an extended wheelbase measuring 2,740 mm in length (vs 2,500 mm).  In another way of explaining this in Malaysian way, it is like Perodua Myvi and Alza.

Honda offer three variants the Freed on JDM market: 7 seaters, 8 seaters and 5 seaters with a large cargo space. All three variants of the Freed are also equipped with sliding rear doors on both side.

For the JDM market, 2009 Honda Freed offered in front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive variants, both of which are equipped with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder SOHC 16 valve L15A i-VTEC engine mated with CVT auto transmission and delivers an output of 120PS.

For the good news, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) in Indonesia have announced that they will increase production of Honda Freed to 6,000 unit in 2010 and exporting to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam. Furthermore, Honda Freed will be officially launch in this month at Thailand.

However, the above mentioned is all for Japanese Domestic Market and there will be slightly different for Asean region. For the Asean model, the Mini-van is having the same engine as per JDM but mated with 5-speed Auto Transmission instead of CVT.

A high-level specification overview of the Asean model, there is standard model as well as a little more premium model with Power Sliding Door & Dual SRS Airbags. Both model having Front Ventilated Disc Brake and Rear Drum Brake with 15 inch alloy wheels (185/65R15).

I think this mini-van is suitable as family car and it looks better than our local Perodua Alza at its class. For pricing wise, there is no solid news but it will be priced at the range of Honda Jazz (> RM100k).

For potential owners, you are ready to book it to be the early batch owners of the Honda Freed in Malaysia. Check out your local Honda dealer today!

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19 March 2010 QUICK UPDATE: Honda Freed will be launch in Malaysia on 22 April 2010