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Jailbroken iPhones get virus called "Ikee"

Australian iPhone users have this weekend been under attack from the first-ever iPhone virus seen in the wild. The virus, called "Ikee", targets users of jailbroken iPhones who have the SSH remote access software installed.

The "Ikee" virus changes your background picture to an image of 1980s singer Rick Astley before instructing your iPhone to scan through various Aussie 3G networks, trying to login to other users' iPhones and infect them. It’s important to note that ikee only targets jailbroken devices.


Postings on Twitter and in the Whirlpool forum suggest that the Ikee virus was written by a 21-year-old from Wollongong in New South Wales named Ashley Towns.

Till date, the virus seems to be affected to the users in Australia, though there are unconfirmed reports of Ikee in Thailand and Japan.