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JOKE: Why Indian House Doesn't Have Electric Appliances?

My 10 year old nephew came across and trigger his wonder, and asking me why indian house normally doesn't have much electric appliances.

After the result of his finding, he realise it does related to their culture and not related to their financial background.

Reason Why?? - For typical indian, they use to cook curries and having fried foods. Let's imagine, if your kitchen is oilly and wet. What will happen if you have many electric appliances?

For safety and caution, they usually do not to have any electric appliances in the kitchen and home. Perhaps it doesn't really able to blend together... :)

Just imagine, what if your hand is oilly and you trying to switch on the power switches? :P

^ Just a Joke of the Day. I am Liable for all your happiness, unliable for all your misfortunes. OK?