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The shocking cost of smartphones

Tips for avoiding bill shock

People are vulnerable to bill shock lately, especially when accessing social networking applications such as Facebook that can automatically generate data traffic without their knowledge with their smartphones or the youngster 'beloved' iPhone.

  • Analyse your usage patterns and choose a plan that fits with that. Many services offer discounts and cheap rates for nominated numbers, as well as free texts, off-peak calls and capped voice and data deals.
    [Tips: Refer - U Mobile Plan]
  • Find out how much the penalties will be if you decide to change plans within your contract period or terminate.
  • Beware of accessing premium rate SMS and multimedia messaging services that are not included in your plan.
  • Compare offers from a range of telco as data usage fees can vary dramatically between different operators.
    [Tips: Refer - DiGi, Celcom and U Mobile Data Plan]
  • Ensure you can switch off any data applications as these can blow out costs substantially when your phone is in roaming mode.