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All-new Toyota Corolla Altis is launched today...

All-new Toyota Corolla Altis is launched today...


For more information and details, visit www.altis.com.my

But i hate this car with the ugly woody and light brown colored interior... Is it expensive to have black interior OR is it looks better with this color of interior??

UMW TOYOTA! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! You build ugly car and shitty specification... I expecting better in this model, but this is a total disappointment. 4 Speed Auto?? Come on... 16" Alloy Wheel? Oh My God! Ugly Interior?? Gosh... and the Price tag?? Too expensive for it

From Exterior to Interior into the Engine Bay.... All are "proven" Technologies... Is your call mate... But my money will not be on this car.

Rating: 1/5
Pricing Range: RM102k to RM120k

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