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Hot Tips: Detailed Note for every Home Renovation work!

On what I can see lately and feel. I strongly suggesting you to plan on your renovation job scope and budget wisely before kick-off [if you are planning to do so...].

Renovation is like a Project. Every Project needs a good project manager with right skills.

  • Plan your renovation area ahead. For example, if you are renovating the all the bathroom. Do it one at a time. Never do it all at one go, as it causes a lot of inconvenience to the people staying inside the home.
  • MOST IMPORANT: Get all stakeholders to agree with the job scope and time frame.
  • Never let the builder to leave things half way done. Everything is hanging there and never done. This will affect the production and a lot of inconvenience.


Avoidance and Notes:-

  • Never park your car at home as the builder will not avoid and liable for any scratches make to your car.
  • Never leave any expensive belongings at home without supervision.
  • Seal your door gap on each room to avoid dusts if knocking job involved.
  • NEVER LEAVE YOUR KIDS OR ELDERLY AT HOME TO LOOK AFTER THE JOB because it is dusty and hazard. Sound Pollution never sound good too.
  • Cover the floor board with plastic shield or cardboards to avoid scratches to it.
  • Clean up everything after the builder leave the site, thick dusts are never friendly to be clean later after a long period of time. If your car is dusty, rinse with alot of water immediately as the dusts will be the source of swirl line.