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Awesome Guest Lecture at National Taitung University (NTTU) by Janet Hsieh

Back on 21st of May 2008, Janet as a host of Discovery Travel & Living joined to be a guest to share her experience on travelling and exploration with the students at National Taitung University, Taiwan.


Check out the recorded video of the session (Total of 8 parts)

Part 1 of 8

Part 2 of 8

Part 3 of 8

Part 4 of 8

Part 5 of 8

Part 6 of 8

Part 7 of 8

Part 8 of 8

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Wooow, Janet Hsieh! Is she still with Discovery Channel? I flunked a lot of homework in college because every time she's on TV, I'd drop whatever it was I'm doing...even my thesis. I kid you not! But seriously, she kick-started my interest in travel. If I survive grad school, I'll reward myself by traveling to Taiwan. I hope I'll get to meet Janet there.
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