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'Slow' iPhone 3G glitch blamed on secrecy


iPhone 3G users in Australia and around the world are suffering from slow internet speeds and poor reception because of a flaw in the device that may have been fixed if not for Apple's immense culture of secrecy.

A source at an Australian telco who did not wish to be named said Apple - paranoid about keeping the device under wraps - only provided the iPhone 3G to carriers the day before it went to market, leaving them with no time to test it thoroughly on their networks.

Users in Australia, Europe and the US have flooded online forums - including Apple's own discussion boards - with complaints of poor reception, slow internet speeds and dropped calls.

The poor reception - often displayed as one bar - and slow speeds are occurring in areas of good coverage and do not seem to affect other phones.

Extracted from: theage.com.au
Story by: Asher Moses - August 13, 2008 - 11:15AM